Head of the canteen is Mirash Seidildayevna Kozhanova


1.1.The service manual establishes the official duties, rights and responsibilities of the head of the canteen of the catering department under the conditions of the Certified Quality Management System of the University.

1.2.Admission to work in the catering department is carried out by concluding an employment contract and issuing an order of the rector of the University.

1.3.Employees of the canteen report directly to the director of the Department of economic work.

1.4. In the absence of employees of the canteen, the performance of their duties is assigned to the person appointed in accordance with the established procedure, who has the appropriate rights and bears responsibility for the proper performance of the duties assigned to him.

1.5. Employees of the canteen are guided in their work by:

- the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;;

- the Charter of the university;

- orders and regulations of the university management;

- documents of the QMS of the University;

- Regulations on the Department of economic work;

- rules of internal regulations of the University;

- this Guide.

1.6.this service manual is reviewed by the director of the Department of economic work, but not less than once every 3 years, as the requirements or duties for canteen employees change.


Employees of the canteen are required:

2.1. to deliver semi-finished products and raw materials to the canteen;

2.2. to open barrels, boxes, bags with food products, opening of glass and iron cans with ensuring the storage of food;

2.3. to remove products from containers;

2.4. to carry out transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products, food, dishes, property, dishes in the dining room;

2.5. to fill boilers with water; delivery of finished products;

2.6. to fill containers with products for export, loading into transport;

2.7. to switch on the electric and gas boilers, stoves, cabinets, boilers;

2.8. to place cutlery, plates with bread, cold dishes, glasses with drinks, cover plates, pans with lids on carrying plates;

2.9. to carry out work on delivery and acceptance of completed works together with contractors;

2.10. to ensure the proper use of subordinate employees;

2.11. to organize accounting and reporting work.

2.12. to combine the duties of the head of the department due to being on leave or absent from work or other circumstances

3. Rights

Employees of the canteen have the right:

3.1. to get acquainted with draft decisions of the University's management regarding its activities;

3.2. to make proposals for consideration by management to improve the organization of work on issues falling within its competence.

3.3. to inform the immediate supervisor about all shortcomings identified in the activities of University divisions within the limits of its competence, in the performance of their official rights and duties by individual employees, and make proposals to their elimination.

3.4. to request assistance from the university management in the performance of their official duties.

3.5. to engage specialists of all structural divisions of the university to solve the tasks assigned to them (if this is provided for by the regulations on structural divisions, if not provided for by the permission of the head of the University)

4. Responsibility

Employees of the canteen are responsible for:

4.1.for non-performance or improper performance of their official duties provided for in this instruction, within the limits stipulated by the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4.2. for offenses committed in the course of its activity within the limits stipulated by the administrative, criminal and civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4.3. for causing material damage within the limits established by the current labor and civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4.4. to comply with the internal regulations of the University.


5.1. Catering staff should know:

-Legislative and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating the production, economic and financial and economic activities of the organization, decisions of state authorities and management bodies that determine the priority direction of development of the economy and the corresponding type of economic activity;

- Legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in relation to catering organizations;;

- Organization of production and management of the organization, tasks and services performed by its divisions ; ;

- domestic and foreign experience of catering organizations, providing services to visitors;;

- the mode of operation of public catering, the economy;

- fundamentals of marketing;

- Organization of remuneration and incentives;

- rules for the use of computer equipment, communications and means of communication;

- the procedure for concluding and executing economic and financial contracts ; ;

-develop scientific and technical achievements and best practices of the organization in the appropriate type of economic activity ; ;

- fundamentals of Economics and organization of production, labor and management;;

- Study of the legislative foundations of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Labor;;

- rules of internal labor regulations of the University;

- the structure of the University;

- performs tasks and instructions of the head of the Department.

5.3. professional experience:

Higher professional education and work experience in the specialty for at least 3 years or secondary professional education and work experience in the specialty for at least 5 years.