Department of Academic Affairs
 The Department of Academic Affairs, is a basic structural subdivision of the University. The Department provides planning, organization, control and improvement of the educational process at the university.

The main tasks of the Department of Academic Affairs:

Organization and improvement of the educational process in accordance with the normatively-legal acts in the field of education in order to prepare highly skilled, competitive staff that meet international standards, the formation of academic mobility.

Coordination of educational and methodical activity of faculty advisors of university.
Monitoring educational, methodical, scientific and methodological support of educational programs.
In order to implement quality management training activities ensuring the new information technologies, modern educational materials. Improvement of scientific and methodological potential faculty advisors, providing professional mastery and qualification. 

Organization of planning and monitoring of the educational process of the university.

The Department of Academic Affairs is guided by the following regulations:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • By the law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On education";
  • By the decisions of Government of RK, regulating the sphere of education;
  • regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science;
  • State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Model Rules of the organization of the university;
  • GOST R ISO standards 9000
  • Charter of the University;
  • orders and directives of the university;
  • Document Quality Management System of the University;
  • Internal regulations of the University.
  • Regulations on Educational Department.

The Department of Academic Affairs includes the following departments:

  • • Department of educational process planning and academic mobility;
  • · Department of the organization of the educational process;
  • • Department of Postgraduate Education;
  • • Department of advanced training and retraining;
  • • Department of Competence Development and Employment;
  • • Student department;
  • • Chairs of social and humanitarian disciplines. 

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