Scientific Center«Korkyt studies»




   Karibozuly Bakhdat                          Head of the research center of Korkyt Studies                                   

   Academic degree:                               Doctor of Philology, Professor

   Phone number                                  8(7242) 27-81-69







• Creation of conditions for the comprehensive development of research creativity of students;

• To assist in improving the quality of training of specialists in humanitarian areas;

• Make efforts to improve the efficiency of research work of the specialized departments of the university;

• Conducting research work in accordance with the approved scientific direction in the field of history, philosophy and art;

• Search for the legacy of outstanding thinkers and scientists who occupy an important place in the cultural life of the Kazakh people, rare editions, books, archival documents and manuscripts and participation in research expeditions formed for their scientific expertise;

• Study of the ethnic processes that took place in the Oguz-Kipchak period, and the popularization of the ethnic, as well as the historical and cultural community of the Turkic peoples;

• Study of the ethnographic features of the region and generalization of the spiritual, cultural and scientific heritage of historical figures;

• Study and translation into the state language of historical works found as a result of archaeographic searches, with their subsequent introduction into scientific circulation;

• Promote the creation of conditions for the formation of creative skills among young researchers;

• Issue of a series of popular science publications in order to popularize the history and ethnography of the Land of Cheese.



• Organization and holding of scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, student disputes of regional, republican levels on the problems of literature, history;

• Implementation of scientific, educational and research activities in the field of literature, history;

• Development and implementation of scientific fundamental research in the field of literature, history, expertise and preparation of teaching materials;

• Establishing contacts and close interaction with government bodies of all levels, carrying out work on issues of literature and history;

• Provision of consulting assistance on literary, historical issues to heads of structural divisions of state structures, educational institutions carrying out educational work;

• Qualified counseling of doctoral students, undergraduates, students of graduate departments, starting with the elaboration of the concept, the choice of the topic, justification of the goals and objectives of their research.