Archive division

Head of the archive division - Makhmutova Aliya Ertayevna.
There are 4 archives at the university: one is located in the №8 academic building, three others - in №5 academic buildings . The university archive fund covers the following documents of: graduated master course students, graduates of all majors by the daily and correspondence departments, personal documents of the university college graduates, minutes of the state exams, advanced training, diploma papers defense, undergraduates dissertation papers, personal documents of personnel left the university, accounting department, staffing division, department on documentation support, student's department, examination-and-test register-books and failed applicants. The archive objective: keeping document data, preparation of partial copies, notes. The archive is under filling with new documents annually.
The archive of the №8 academic building keeps documents of the pedagogical major graduates, the №5 academic building archive - of the engineering-economic ones.

Contact phones:
№5 academic building archive: 8(724) 23-53-35 (143)

№8 academic building archive: 8(724) 27-06-91