Department of Postgraduate Education

Head of Department - Nargul Amanovna Saktaganova, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Department of Postgraduate Education is a structural subdivision of the university that trains scientific and pedagogical personnel through doctoral and master's programs for the scientific and educational sphere and the country's economy as a whole.
Main goals:
1. Upbringing of a new generation of highly educated and highly intellectual specialists. 2. Participation in the activities of the university for its integration into the world educational and scientific information system.
3. Deepening the theoretical and practical individual training of students in the chosen direction of science and pedagogical activity, creating conditions for the mastering of the most important and stable knowledge by doctoral students and undergraduates, providing a holistic perception of the scientific picture of the world.
4. Development of students' ability for self-improvement and self-development, needs and skills of independent creative mastering of new knowledge during their entire active life. 5. Training of specialists with a high level of professional culture, capable of forming and practically solving modern scientific and practical problems, teaching in higher educational institutions, carrying out research and management activities and successfully competing in the external and internal labor markets.
Main functions:
1. Implementation of educational activities in the system of postgraduate professional education through magistracy and doctoral studies
2. Development of regulatory documents on the organization and management of postgraduate education at the university
3. Organization and control of the learning process for undergraduates and doctoral students. 4. Participation in the work of coordinating the work of departments and other structures to organize and improve the organization of the educational process and research work of undergraduates, doctoral students in the system of postgraduate education.
5. Participation in the organization of professional practice, foreign internships and academic mobility of doctoral students and undergraduates, as well as scientific exchange of teaching staff and their administrative support.
The standard duration of study in the magistracy:
- in the scientific and pedagogical direction, focused on research and pedagogical types of professional activity - the term of study is 2 years.
- in the profile direction focused on production, management, organizational, technical and design types of professional activity - the training period is at least 1 year.
The normative period of study in doctoral studies is at least 3 years.
The University is actively working in partnership with foreign universities that have international accreditation. Students undergo scientific internships and master, in accordance with the established procedure, educational programs in leading universities of Kazakhstan, as well as near and far abroad.

Saktaganova Nargul Amanovna - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Head of Department
Phone: +7 707 753 61 24
Tasbergenova Gulmira Zhadrasynovna - master, methodologist
Phone: +7 747 898 67 20
Kalybaeva Mayra Maksutovna - methodologist
Phone: +7 705 187 52 90
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