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  • 14 February 2024
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The MAGISTRACY invites you!

It is very important that graduates who have graduated from the university continue to study. Today, high-quality specialists studying for a master's degree, doctoral studies, specializing in science are in demand.
The Department of Recruitment and Career organized an online meeting of graduate students and graduates of the university. During the meeting, the head of the department, Zhandos Orazmakhanov, spoke about the rules and procedure for admission to master's degree educational programs.





Director of the Academic Department Bayanali Doszhanov informed about the organization of preparatory courses in English and special disciplines for admission to the Master's degree. During the meeting, the head of the Department for the Coordination of Educational programs and planning of the educational process, Akmaral Bukharbayeva, gave additional information and answered in detail the students' questions. It is gratifying that the participants actively showed great interest in the Master's degree.

Dear graduates! We invite you to enroll in Master's degree programs!

For additional questions, you can contact the Department of Recruitment and Career - 8776 538 88 99 (Call center)


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