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Anti-Corruption Compliance Service


Alibek Bakhytzhanovich Zhappasbayev
Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer

The Compliance Service is a subdivision of the Company, independent from other structural divisions, subordinate and accountable to the Board of Directors, and the service is also independent in taking and implementing measures to combat corruption in the Company.
Main tasks:
The Anti-corruption compliance service is to ensure compliance by the Company and its employees with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption, the Code of Corporate Ethics, Internal Regulations, as well as monitoring the implementation of anti-corruption measures.
Main functions:
1. Ensuring compliance with external regulatory requirements and best international practices on anti-corruption issues;
2. Ensuring compliance with the basic principles of combating corruption in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Combating Corruption";
3. Identification and assessment of corruption risks;
4. Effective implementation of the system of anti-corruption measures in accordance with the Law;
5. Introduction of a culture of intolerance to corruption.
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Alibek Bakhytzhanovich Zhappasbayev – Compliance Officer
Phone number: +7 707 710 17 18
Phone number: +7 707 710 17 18
Address: 120014, Kyzylorda city, Aiteke bi street, 29 A, Main academic building 330 office

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