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  • 21 September 2022
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Scientists discussed the development of agriculture

A meeting of the regional expert council on the topic "Introduction of new technologies in agriculture" was held at the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University. At the meeting, scientists discussed the scientific potential of the university in the development of the agricultural sector, issues of agricultural development.

The meeting was held by the statesman and public figure Murat Abenov. The moderator asked questions about the specifics of agriculture in the region, the connection of the educational institution with the agricultural business, startup projects of students in the field of agriculture, training of specialists in the field of agriculture, and also shared the experience of scientists.

At the event, the Vice-rector for Scientific Work and International Relations of the University, Maynur Buribayeva, familiarized with the work done in this direction.

 Ibadulla Tautenov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Department of Agricultural Technologies, spoke about the specifics of the region.

Kyzylorda region is the main agricultural region. On the basis of reclamation works started 50-60 years ago, about 270 thousand hectares of land were leveled and equipped in our region.

One of the modern problems is infertility and salinity of the soil. In saline soil, plant growth is difficult. University scientists are taking part in solving these problems in the region. So, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Laura Tokhetova is engaged in the selection of crops resistant to soil salinity. The scientist is working on sorting varieties of barley, wheat. And Serik Bekzhanov, head of the Department of Agricultural Technologies of the Russian Agricultural Academy, together with scientists developed a variety of sugar sorghum "Complex". This variety is a universal product suitable for both sugar production and animal feed. But these projects have not been widely commissioned due to low funding.

Due to the decrease in water in the Syr Darya River, the salinization process is accelerating. Therefore, today scientists are developing water-saving technologies. This year, the acreage of rice has decreased, but there is a result of saving water. It is noted that the volume of harvested rice crop products will not be less than last year.

Work should be started on the introduction of early-ripening rice varieties into production," Ibadulla Aigalievich noted.

In addition, the chief researcher of the laboratory of engineering profile "Physico-chemical methods of analysis", Professor Nurbol Appazov told about the scientific research of scientists in the field of agricultural chemistry.

During the meeting, scientists discussed ways to solve other problems in the field of agriculture.

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