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Commercialization Department


Yedilbayev Nurzhan Baskoskanovich
Head of the commercialization Department

Main tasks:
1. The main tasks of the Department are to provide a range of services for the commercialization of technology, including, but not limited to, the following:
2. Search and evaluation of technology for commercialization;
3. Marketing research;
4. Provision of consulting services in the field of intellectual property protection;
5. Development of a technology commercialization strategy;
6. Organization of interaction between subjects of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities and subjects of private entrepreneurship in order to conclude agreements in the field of technology commercialization.
7. Organization of teaching scientists English and priority areas of scientific and technological development.
8. Monitoring and drawing up the normative and methodological base of the Department's activities.
9. Search for domestic and foreign partners to conclude cooperation agreements.
10. Identification of market needs and partners, possible areas of commercialization.
11. Establishing contacts with private entrepreneurs in order to commercialize the results of scientific research and development.
12. Search for investors and signing of memorandums.
13. Carrying out information activities in the field and popularization of the idea of technology commercialization at the university;

Main functions:
1. Conducting negotiations in order to search for, evaluate technologies for commercialization and conclude contracts with subjects of innovative activity
2. Participation in exhibitions, fairs of innovative projects to demonstrate the technical and commercial potential of projects, search for partners, investors for further implementation of projects;
3. Interaction with the Regional Innovation Office;
4. In the field of administrative and contract work;
5. Preparation of draft contracts, correspondence, certificates and other documents necessary for the implementation of the objectives of the department;
6. Participation in negotiations on interaction and conclusion of contracts with any third parties;
7. Legal support of the contract conclusion procedure and monitoring of proper fulfillment of obligations under the Department's contracts;
8. Execution of powers of attorney and other documents related to the conclusion and enforcement of contracts of the department;
9. Systematized accounting and storage of contracts and internal documentation of the department;
10. Organization of legal expertise of projects, contracts and other documents related to the activities of the department. And also, if necessary, participation in the development of draft documents on the regulation of the department's activities;
11. Preparation and participation with other structural units of draft documents related to the activities of the department;
12. In the field of financial and economic work;
13. Income planning and profit distribution to the university budget.

Edilbayev Nurzhan Baskoskanovich - Head of Commercialization Department
Phone: 8(7242) 27-02-11
Almas Aliya Almaskyzy - methodist
Phone: 8(7242) 27-02-11
Shalabayeva Gulmira Akhmetzhanova - chief methodologist
Phone: 8(7242) 27-02-11
Appazova Ziyada Zhandosovna - methodologist
Phone: 8(7242) 27-02-11




Contact phone numbers: 8 (7242) 27-02-11
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