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Department of research coordination

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 Montayeva Ainur Sarsenbekovna
Head of the Department of research coordination

Main tasks:
1. Formation of the final goal and ensuring the receipt of work results in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan of the NAO "Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University" for 2021-2025;
2. Coordination and organizational support of the University's research works;
3. Increasing the publication activity of scientists and faculty of the University in rating publications indexed in the database WebofScience, Scopus;
4. Planning and organization of Dissertation Councils at the University.

Main functions:
1. Preparation of the thematic plan of the research of the University;
2. Ensuring the participation of teaching staff and students in competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC "Science Foundation", the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and other competitions of various levels on scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects;
3. Checking the quality of documentation submitted for participation in grant and scientific competitions and monitoring their implementation;
4. Administrative support of the process of introducing the results of research works of the teaching staff into production;
5. Informational and methodological support of the work of scientific departments, departments, Dissertation councils at the University;
6. Organization and holding of scientific and technical events on the basis of the University: scientific conferences, round tables, on-line conferences together with leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, countries of the near and far abroad;
7. Organization and coordination of the activities of the Council of Young Scientists and the student scientific society "Zerde".
8. Coordination of the work of the Scientific Coordinating Council of the University;
9. Coordination of organizational activities of dissertation councils;
10. Preparation of necessary materials for meetings of the Academic Council of the University on issues related to the work of the Department
11. Participation in the preparation of projects aimed at commercialization of research results;
12. Informational support of scientists and faculty of the University regarding the activities of international databases of full-text resources, publishing companies. Coordination of preparation of documentation for international scientific competitions;
13. Participation in the formation and consideration of research topics and supervisors of undergraduates and doctoral students;

Montayeva Ainur Sarsenbekovna - head of the Research Coordination Department
Phone: 8 (7242) 27-48-02
Nazerke Shangytbaevna Manatova - master of Natural Sciences, Chief Methodologist
Phone: 8 (7242) 27-48-02
Tobasheva Aigul Zhumagalievna - master of Economics, Chief Methodologist
Phone: 8-775-325-07-07
Tleuli Al Farabi Maratbekovich - specialist in Geological Sciences
Phone: 8 747 673 0646


Contact phone numbers: 8 (7242) 27-48-02
Address: 120014, Kyzylorda city, Aiteke bi street, 29 A, main academic building

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