Laboratory of engineering profile «physicochemical methods of analysis» +7242 26-27-14, Қабылдау комиссиясы +7242 23-53-92

Laboratory of engineering profile «physicochemical methods of analysis»


Akylbekov Nurgali Ikramovich
Head of the Laboratory of engineering profile "methods of physico-chemical analysis"

Main tasks:
1. Conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of the oil and gas industry, aimed at developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies;
2. Participation in the training of highly qualified personnel in the interests of scientific, educational and high-tech industries on the basis of the development of educational, scientific and industrial cooperation;
3. The use of the results of scientific activities in the educational process when performing diploma, master's, PhD dissertations in order to involve creative youth in science;
4. Expansion of scientific and educational ties within the Republic of Kazakhstan, abroad in order to develop the infrastructure of scientific, educational and scientific activities.

Main functions:
1. To solve the assigned tasks, the engineering laboratory provides the following functions:
2. Organization and implementation of research and development at a modern scientific and technical level, ensuring high efficiency of the work carried out, monitoring the timely and high-quality performance of research and development work in accordance with the approved technical specifications and programs;
3. Provision of services to interested third-party organizations and enterprises for conducting research;
4. Advanced training of workers in education, science and industrial enterprises on the basis of the laboratory;
5. Facilitating the development of public-private partnership mechanisms;
6. Effective use of instruments and equipment for solving problems of a scientific and scientific and technical nature;
7. Participation in the expansion of scientific and educational ties both within the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad in order to develop the infrastructure of scientific, educational and scientific activities;
8. Training and specialization of engineering laboratory staff working on modern high-class experimental equipment;
9. Intensification of the development and implementation of new high technologies and new materials;
10. Development of the material base for carrying out research work in the field of scientific directions of the engineering laboratory;
11. Systematic publication of scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, in the Bulletin of the Kyzylorda University named after Korkyt Ata;
12. Regular posting of information about the current activities of the engineering laboratory (news, events, events) on the university website, on social networks.

Akylbekov Nurgali Ikramovich - laboratory manager , candidate of chemical sciences, PhD
Phone: 8 (7242) 23 10 41
Appazov Nurbol Orynbasaruly - main researcher, candidate of chemical sciences, professor
Phone: 8 (7242) 23 10 41
Narmanova Roza Abdibekovna - Leading Researcher, candidate of technical sciences
Phone: 8 (7242) 23 10 41
Turmanov Rakhymzhan Akhmetkhanovich - Senior Researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences
Zhapparbergenov Rakhmetulla Umirbekovich - scientistый fellow laborer, master
Phone: 8 (7242) 23 10 41
Dinara Zhumabekovna Niyazova - Researcher, Master's Degree 
Phone: 8 778 478 30 36
Ospanova Indira Daurenovna - Researcher, Master's degree 
Phone: 8 778 147 40 33
Moldanazar Akerke Aldabergenovna - Engineer, Bachelor's degree 
Phone: 8 776 866 97 30

Contact phone numbers: 8 (724)2 23 10 41

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