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Botanical Garden


Salpiev Ruslan Kairbekovich
Acting Director of the Botanical Garden

Main tasks:
1. Carrying out fundamental and applied research in priority areas of development of agricultural science;
2. Coordination of the work of specialized departments and other structures on the organization of scientific research work of teaching staff and students at the experimental sites of the Center;
3. Organization of agro-technical work on the care of tree plantations and agricultural crops at the agrobiological site;
4. Organization of activities for the care of vegetable crops during the entire period of their cultivation in the greenhouse, in accordance with technological requirements;
5. Preparation and conduct of educational and practical classes, research and development of students, undergraduates and doctoral students of agricultural, biological and technical specialties.

Main functions:
1. Development of innovative activities, as well as applied research in priority and promising areas of economic development in the region;
2. Organization of applied research and implementation of practical developments aimed at commercial implementation;
3. Ensuring the participation of teaching staff and students in the announced scientific grants and competitions and preparation of competition documents for them;
4. Search and attraction of additional and extra-budgetary funds;
5. Improvement of scientific and methodological support of the educational process;
6. Establishing contacts and developing cooperation with leading specialists of specialized departments, as well as engineering laboratories and chemical and biological research;
7. Using the agrobiological center in the educational process, for scientific research in the dissemination of knowledge, and as a demonstration park of scientific achievements;
8. Providing the necessary conditions for the practice of students and undergraduates of agricultural, biological and technical specialties;
9. Providing conditions for carrying out research work of students, undergraduates, doctoral students of the university staff and the implementation of scientific projects and grants;
10. Carrying out the necessary agrotechnical measures for the care of planting trees on the agrobiological site and vegetables planted in the green process using low-volume technology and a drip irrigation system;
11. Provision of scientific, technical and consulting services;
12. Substantiation and making proposals for the organization of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other scientific events;
13. Carrying out acceptance and organization of delivery of the results obtained for research and their stages;
14. Preparation for publication of materials reflecting the results of scientific research. Systematic publication of scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, in the Bulletin of the Kyzylorda University named after Korkyt Ata;
15. Regular posting of information about the current activities of the Center (news, events, events) on the university website, on social networks.

Kosanov Samalbek Urazbaevich - Acting Director of the Botanical Garden, Head of the warm room at the Botanical garden, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Phone: +7 701 333 10 26
Orazaliev Bakhytzhan Absamievich - junior Researcher, Master of Agricultural Sciences
Phone: 8 (7242) 23-80-72
Seil Orazbek Orynbasarovich - vegetable grower technician  
Phone: 8 (7242) 30-36-13



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