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Department of international relations


  Gulnaziya Almakhanova
Head of International Relations Department

Main tasks:
1. Collecting information, studying and compiling analytical materials on the main global trends in the development of education;
2. Conducting a comparative analysis of our education system in comparison with the education systems of the most developed countries of the world;
3. Implementation of the state policy on the development of international cooperation in the field of education in accordance with the Law on Education and other regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, International (interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental) agreements in the field of education;
4. Development of strategic directions for the development of international relations in the field of education, taking into account the interests of the Korkyt Ata University;
5. Drawing up a conceptual program for the development of international cooperation, taking into account the main tasks of reforming the state education system;
6. Expanding the geography of international relations with universities abroad in the field of education and science, concluding international agreements, memoranda and establishing partnerships with foreign universities;
7. Training of highly qualified personnel from among the most talented youth in foreign educational institutions, including training of students, undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students of the university abroad under the academic mobility program and exchange program;
8. Organization of scientific internship, advanced training of teaching staff abroad;
9. Inviting foreign scientists and specialists to the top management of the university, attracting foreign scientists and specialists to give lectures, scientific management of undergraduates and doctoral students, joint training of scientific personnel with universities of the near and far abroad;
10. Creation and implementation of joint educational programs and programs of double-degree education with partner universities of foreign countries and the CIS;
11. Invitation of volunteer teachers from foreign countries to conduct classes in foreign languages and other disciplines by agreement;
12. Attracting foreign students, including young people from the foreign Kazakh diaspora to study at Korkyt Ata University by opening representative offices/offices/centers in partner universities of foreign countries;
13. Dissemination of best educational practices of foreign countries;
14. Training of students, undergraduates and postgraduates of foreign countries at the Korkyt Ata University
Main functions:
1. Planning and implementation of measures for the development of international cooperation in the field of training specialists, advanced training of scientific and pedagogical workers, joint educational and methodological and research programs, publishing activities and other direct agreements, contracts and memoranda with foreign partners;
2. Preparation for the approval of texts and conclusion of agreements with foreign partners on the implementation of joint educational programs and programs of double-degree education;
3. Preparation of a general long-term plan for the development of international cooperation in the field of education and science;
4. Development of international cooperation with foreign partners;
5. Making proposals on concluding agreements with foreign partners on the implementation of joint and international educational and scientific projects;
6. Development and implementation of joint grant projects and contracts;
7. Creating conditions for the fluency of foreign languages of graduates of higher educational institutions by organizing courses in foreign languages;
8. Organizational and technical support of measures for the implementation of concluded agreements;
9. Organization of visiting international seminars, trainings, round tables and discussions held within the framework of joint projects in online and offline formats;
10. Work with volunteer teachers, foreign specialists working at the university by invitation and directions;
11. Work with foreign students from near and far abroad;
12. Organization and implementation of annual exchange and international educational programs and their monitoring;
13. Organization and conduct of external academic mobility of students, organization of training in double degree/double diploma programs and advanced training courses;
14. Organization of advanced English language courses for teachers and university staff, organization of international exams IELTS (IELTS), TOEFL (TOEFL), etc.;
15. Control over the selection and registration of scientific and pedagogical workers, specialists and students for business trips abroad to study, internship;
Gulnaziya Almakhanova - Head of the Department of International Relations, Master of Humanities
Phone number: +7 702 510 5084, +7 7242 26 17 25
Kenshinbai Timur- Head of the group for International projects and Scholarships, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Academic Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation
Phone number: +7 701 724 70 06, +7 7242 26 17 25


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