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Sports complex «Seykhun»


Abdulkhasanov Alexey Ilyasovich
Director of the "Seykhun" Sports and Recreation Complex

Activity of the Sports Complex «SEYKHUN» is aimed at:
- organization of physical education for students of the Korkyt Ata KSU in accordance with the curricula of disciplines and approved schedule;
- organization and holding of sports events of the university, city, regional and national scales (sports days, tournaments and competitions in sports);
- organization of sports and recreational activities among faculty, staff and students of the Korkyt Ata KSU.
The Sports and Recreation Complex "SEYKHUN" is a part of the university division aimed at agitation and propaganda of healthy lifestyle among students, teaching staff and employees of the Korkyt Ata KSU; attracting students, academics and university staff to regular physical training and sports.

Functions of the sports complex «SEYHUN»

- providing serviceable condition of a pool, sports halls and equipment for physical training of students, academics and university staff;
- assistance in organizing leisure of students, academics and university staff;
- support and assistance in organizing sports events of all levels;
- provision of paid services under the approved account of value.

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Material-technical base of the Sport Complex "SEYKHUN" includes: a gymnasium for team sports (football, volleyball, handball) of size 44 x 22 meters, a swimming pool of size 11 x 25 meters; a gym with the appropriate gear and equipment; two saunas equipped with modern stoves; recreation area with billiards and table tennis.

The Sports and Recreation Center regularly hosts competitions on mini-football, volleyball, handball, a variety of sports and athletics at all levels and scales. Visiting of the swimming pool is controlled by qualified instructors, health care providers.

The visitors of the pool should know the following rules:
1. Classes in the pool are open to anyone past medical check-up at the dermatologist.
2. The visitor of the pool must bring: a towel, a soap, oil shale, a rubber cap, a bathing suit.
3. Before entering the pool a visitor is to wash himself with a soap and a washcloth in the shower.

It is forbidden

- to go into a swimming pool in the outdoor clothing and outdoor shoes.
- to run up the ladder pools.
- to swim across the tracks.
- to bring glass containers, food to the pool.

- to damage property. For property damage a 10-fold amount of the damage cost will be charged.


Phone: +7 (7242) 30 16 05
Address: Saulet microdistrict, №36 K.Azharov str

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