Мanagement of economic support
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Мanagement of economic support

Muldashev Farhat Kazhenovich
Head of the Economic Support Department
Main tasks:
- Control in the redistribution of its competence over compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, fire safety rules, safety standards, timely taking measures to identify the facts of their violation.
- Participation in determining the strategy of energy saving and energy efficiency improvement, as well as the development of a unified policy for the implementation of the University's Energy Saving Program.
- Creating a barrier-free architectural environment for students with disabilities and the disabled.
- Organization of conditions for medical care of the disabled, persons with disabilities.
- Creation of conditions for catering for the disabled and persons with disabilities.
- Maintaining the relevant documentation provided for by the current regulatory legal acts, providing statistical and other reporting within the established time limits.
Main functions:
- Organization and provision of access control.
- Control of timely testing and technical inspections of equipment conditions by the relevant services.
- Carrying out work on certification and certification of workplaces.
- Providing methodological assistance to University departments in compiling lists of professions and positions, according to which employees must undergo mandatory medical examinations.
- Preparation of applications for the inclusion of energy saving and energy efficiency measures for the formation of the NJSC budget for the corresponding financial year and sending them to the Department of regulatory and financial and economic support no later than two months before the start of the new financial year.
- Implementation of the preparation of annual reports. Participation in the inventory of buildings, premises, equipment and material assets in order to control their safety and technical condition.
- Provision of University departments with furniture, household inventory, means of mechanization of engineering and managerial work, control over their rational use, safety, and timely repair.
- Receipt and storage of office supplies, household materials, equipment, inventory, provision of structural units of the University with them, accounting for their expenditure and preparation of established reporting.
- Organization of transport support for the University's activities.
- Development of plans (schedules) for inspections, testing and preventive repairs of transport units.
- Organization of proper nutrition of employees and students in the process of their educational, scientific and other activities at the University.
- Monitoring the condition of lighting, heating, ventilation and sewerage systems, taking measures to ensure that the condition of these systems complies with established standards.
- Maintenance of meetings, conferences, seminars and other events held at the University.
Dauletov Daudzhan Nogaevich - Acting Chief Engineer
Omarov Vadim Dzhaudetovich - labor protection  senior engineer
Bodikov Bagdat Esenbaevich - Engineer for operation and maintenance of gas facilities equipment
Abdreev Rashid Moldabekovich - Senior Power Engineer
Turganov Bazarbai Daulbaevich - engineer for the operation of buildings and structures
Moldabaev Kanat Seitsultanovich - Mechanic
Tolepov Zhanan Serikovich - Construction Engineer
Rakhimova Muratkul - warehouse manager
Ospanov Kenzhaly Mutanovich - welding center
Akyshbaeva Zhuldyz Usenovna - manager of the main educational building
Beknazarova Aitkul Zhakhanovna - manager of the educational building №1
Alkenova Kulzia Zhapanovna - manager of educational buildings №2,3,4
Bisenbayeva Zhanar Kalzhanovna - manager of the educational building №5
Bakieva Saltanat Amirzhanovna - manager of the academic building №6, the Palace of Students
Uderbaeva Nurlygul Baymoldaevna - manager of the educational building №9
Turembet Gaziza Zhumagalievna - manager of the educational building №7, dormitory №1
Nurymbetova Akzhamal Duysenbaevna - administrator of the educational building №8, dormitory № 2
Tulegenova Gulsim Kenshinbayevna - commandant of dormitory №3, House of Scientists № 4
Kundauletova Gulsim Isabekovna - commandant of dormitory №5, SRC "Seyhun"
Bekmakhanova Kulyash Ismagulovna - communication operator
Skakova Aizhamal Nurlybekovna - secretary-assistant.
E-mail: fmuldashev@mail.ru  
Contacts: +7 (7242) 26 21 82
Address: 120014, Kyzylorda city, Aiteke bi street, 29 A, main academic building, office 104

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