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Social support

Korkyt Ata pays close attention to the conditions of students from different social categories. All faculties of the University systematically collect data on the number of students from large families, low-income families, orphaned students and students with disabilities.

The priority areas of social protection of students at the university are:
Assistance and support to students from low-income and large families, as well as students from the disabled and orphans.
Creating equal conditions and barrier-free access for students with special educational needs.
Obtaining the priority right to obtain places in student dormitories. 
Provision of social and psychological assistance, social and medical support, provision of volunteer assistance to all socially vulnerable categories


- Orphans and children left without parental care, and graduates of the Atameken family-type Children's Village ;

- Winners of Olympiads in UNT subjects;

- To the winners of the TV contest "Intellectual Nation", organized jointly with the regional Kyzylorda TV channel.


- Students left without parental care, under guardianship;

- Disabled students of groups I and II;

- Holders of "Altyn belgi", "Certificate with honors" in the 1st year, in subsequent courses (2,3,4) in the presence of academic performance on "excellent";

- Prizes in the TV contest "Intellectual nation", organized jointly with the regional Kyzylorda TV channel;

- World and Asian champions in the field of sports (for the 1st year of study).


- Representatives of the foreign Kazakh diaspora and citizens of the Kazakh nationality of foreign border states;

- Graduates who have scored at least 100 points according to the results of the UNT (for the 1st year of study);

- Champions of the international level in the field of sports (1st place);

- Children of university employees (work experience at the university should be 3 years), (if several students study in the same family on a paid basis, a discount is provided to everyone);

- Both parents (or the only parent) are disabled of group I and II;

- Students from large families (provided that children are not older than 23 years old), (if several students study in one family on a paid basis, a discount is given to everyone);

- Winners of subject Olympiads and contests of scientific projects, winners of creative contests organized by the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Daryn" (1st place, for 1 year of study);

- Students who actively participate in social work (from the 2nd year).


- For achievements in the field of sports:

- International level: (2nd and 3rd places, for 1 year of study);

- At the republican level: (1st place, for 1 year of study);


- For achievements in the field of sports:

- At the republican level (2nd and 3rd places, for 1 year of study).

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