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Internal audit service

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   Smagambetova Anarkul Kalabayevna
Head of the Internal Audit Service

The Internal Audit Service is the controlling body of the Company that ensures the organization and conduct of internal audit in the company. The Service is directly subordinate and accountable to the Board of Directors, monitors and evaluates the company's financial and economic performance, audits the risk management of the internal control system, executes documents in the field of corporate governance and advises in order to improve the company's activities.

Main tasks:
1. Audit and evaluation of the company's financial and economic performance indicators.
2. evaluation of the effectiveness of the company's internal policies, documents and processes.
3. Risk management of the internal control system in the company.
4. conducting internal control of financial/management information and reporting in the accounting system and on their basis.
5. assessment of the rationality and efficiency of the use of the company's resources and the methods (methods) used to ensure the safety of the company's assets. 
6. analysis of the effectiveness of the corporate governance system and the process of its improvement, monitoring compliance with ethical standards and values.

Main functions:
1. Annually, based on data from the Company's risk management system and independent risk assessment, develops an annual audit plan for the upcoming calendar year and submits it for consideration and approval to the Board of Directors.
2. Based on the results of the reporting period (year or quarter), submit to the Board of Directors of the Company a report on the audit work performed.
3. Monitors the Company's compliance with the recommendations of the external auditor and other auditing state bodies.
4. Monitors the Company's implementation of the recommendations of the Service issued and accepted in accordance with the established procedure, as well as services, brings to the attention of the Board of Directors of the Company information on the progress and quality of corrective measures (preventive actions) approved by the Company's management based on the results of audits and recommendations of the Service.
5. If necessary, participates in the audit, evaluation, and analysis processes conducted by external auditors, independent appraisers, and/or consultants.
6. In exceptional cases, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, performs a thematic internal audit of certain aspects of the Company's activities, as well as participates in internal investigations and special inspections.
Smagambetova Anarkul Kalabaevna - Head of the Internal Audit Service.
Phone number: +7 702 461 25 38
Bekenov Askar Sailaubaevich is an auditor.
Phone number: +7 708 890 33 88

Contact phone numbers: +7 (7242)27-45-37, EXT. - 141
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