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Department of software and remote educational technologies


Nurmaganbetov Nurlan Sharipovich
Head of Department

 Main tasks:
- Development of packages of Applied programs for automatic information processing, introduction to university structures;
- Analysis, research, execution of orders for the processing of information divisions of the university;
- Development of new application tasks, their algorithmization and solution;
- Smooth operation of the information-processing system and immediate corrective action;
- Providing methodical assistance to the university departments in the preparation of initial data for automation of information processing;
- Control over the use of information materials in the departments of the university;
- Adaptation of existing standard program units to the specific demand of a particular department of the university;
- Implementation of authentication systems, online proctoring system for identification of students;
- Ensuring access of students to information systems, testing systems and open electronic resources, placement of necessary educational, reference and methodical materials;
- Entering, updating, informational support in the national educational database (NEDB) statistics on the material and technical base of the university, basic data on the educational process, registration data, dormitory, object of education, professors and students;
- Entry, updating, systematization and information support of information into the database of the information system of the Unified System of Management of Higher Education (USMHE);
- Providing services on information system PLATONUS, information support;
- Rendering of state services, electronic document circulation, service, support of information and organizational sections of IS «Decanat», IS «Department», IS «Teacher», IS «Student», IS «Abiturient» under E-UNIVER program;
- Coordination of electronic workflow programs, deanery, accounting department, admissions committee, etc.;
- Informational support of educational process, work with statistical reporting for monitoring of educational process in «on-line», «off-line»;- methodical support of mass open online courses (MOOC);
Organisational work on filming and editing of video lectures for mass open online courses (MOOC);
- Expansion of the university information portal with content of open online courses (MOOC);
- Participation in organizing and supporting the development of the system of mass open online courses (MOOC).
Main functions:
- Development and maintenance of applications for automation, management and control of the activities of structural divisions of the university and the educational process;
- Automation of the educational process through the information system PLATONUS;
- Updating of the existing electronic portal (E-univer) (if necessary), maintenance work;
- Determination of an annual management plan and duties of management staff;
- Exchange, generalization, dissemination of experience in the organization of informatization, providing the educational process with digital educational resources using distance learning technologies;
- Development of LMS platforms and distance learning technologies in accordance with the approved plans, discussion of the completed works and implementation of the results of these works in the production and (or) educational process, organizational work.
- Introduction and modification of the information system «National Database» (NDB);
- Introduction and modification of the information system «Unified system of management of higher education» (USMHE);
- Creation and development of the portal of mass open online courses (MOOC);
Nurmaganbetov Nurlan Sharipovich - head of management
Tuyakbayev Arystanbek Abuovich-programmer
Tuyakbaeva Karakoz Arystanbekovna-programmer
Malybayev Ibrahim Askarbekuly-programmer
Omir Sapar Ualikhanuly-specialist
Umirzak Guldana Almatqyzy-specialist
Toremurat Dinara Toremuratqyzy-specialist
Serikbayev Nurdaulet Ganiuly-specialist

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