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Yrza Bekzat
Head of the Museum
The Museum's principal goals are:
- The scientific popularization of the University's history in order to develop students' intellectual, creative, and spiritual capacity and to ensure intergenerational continuation;
- Аcquisition and preservation of historical materials demonstrating the history of the university's creation, progress, and contemporary situation;
- Visitors of the museum are offered a free excursion in Kazakh, Russian or English languages.
The head of the museum:
1. Creates long-term and short-term museum plans.
2. Organizes scientific interactions and exhibition exchanges with museums in the city and region in accordance with approved procedures.
3. Ensures the acquisition of museum finances, as well as their research and popularization.
4. Keeps track of the availability, storage, and mobility of museum exhibits, as well as their placement in storage facilities.
5. Maintains continual connection with government agencies, businesses, institutions, educational institutions, and other groups.
6. Encourages the growth of creative initiative among university students and personnel.
7. Protects the museum's assets.
8. Provides consistent reporting.
9. Works on upgrading and restocking the exhibition with fresh materials.
10. Selects staff and supervises their proper placement and usage.
11. Ensures that industrial and labor discipline, labor protection standards, safety, and fire protection are followed.
12. Arranges museum guided tours and talks.
13. Plans theme lectures and trips, and creates timetables for their delivery.
14. Coordinates the approval of applications for trips and lectures, as well as the provision of guides.
15. Offers sightseeing and themed tours of the museum's exhibits.
16. Encourages employees' creative initiative as well as their professional growth.


Museums of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University



Capacity (volume)


Museum of the history of the University (Gallery)

Palace of students, 1st floor

1 Corridor,

1 Hall


Exhibition Hall of the scientific research center of archeology and Ethnography

Main educational building, 1st floor

1 Hall


Museum Glory of sports

Educational building  № 9, 1st floor, auditorium 100

1 Hall


Museum of Water Management named after honored Hydraulic Engineer of the Republic of Kazakhstan Medelkhan Nalibayev

Educational building №5, 1st floor

1 Hall


Admission to all museums of the university is free

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