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Law and order direction

Front club «Sanaly urpak - zharkyn bolashak»  
Organization of special events in educational buildings related to measures to prevent corruption. Education of the younger generation as an educated, conscientious person with a high sense of patriotism, oriented towards the future. Training in total intolerance to offenses.
Alliance of students of Kazakhstan
Creating conditions for the effective implementation of the intellectual, creative, spiritual, innovative potential of students of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of students of the country, the formation and development of patriotic feelings in students, the formation of an anti-corruption culture among students.
Youth wing «Spirit of youth»      
Creation of socio-economic, political and other conditions for the comprehensive development of student youth in Kazakhstan. Formation of a sense of Kazakhstan's patriotism and an active civic position among young people. Promoting the implementation of the state youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Involving young people in the processes of strengthening the economic and social sphere of the country, deepening the democratization of Kazakhstan's society, maintaining socio-political stability, harmony, and sustainable development of the country. Support and implementation of socially significant youth initiatives.
Military-patriotic organization «Kyran»  
It aims to introduce students to military service, introduce them to the types of weapons, educate them in a civil and patriotic, healthy lifestyle.
Formation of a sense of patriotism among students, improvement of physical fitness of young people, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, strengthening and increasing knowledge of military training of young people.

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