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Academic council

The Academic Council of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University is a consultative body. The activity of the Academic Council of the University is based on the principles of publicity and panel discussion of issues within its competence.
Its goal is to consider important scientific issues, to make collective decisions in order to successfully implement the development strategy of the university.
Chairman of the Academic Council - Rector of the University, Candidate of Philological Sciences Karimova Beibitkul.
Scientific Secretary - сandidate of Technical Sciences Zhusupova Leila Azhibayevna
The Academic Council is formed by the order of the university rector. The Academic Council of the University may include the Rector, Vice-Rectors, heads of departments, professors, representatives of student and public organizations of the University. The body of the Academic Council of the University is approved by the order of the university rector. The Rector is the Chairman of the Academic Council of the University. In the absence of the Chairman, the deputy chairman shall perform his duties.
The work of the Academic Council of the University is provided by the Scientific Secretary.

The main tasks of the Academic Council are as follows
- to promote the development of the university;- to unite the efforts of the university administration, teaching staff, administrative staff and teaching assistants in order to train competitive specialists in accordance with modern requirements;
- successful implementation of educational programs and development strategies of the university;
- strengthening the material and technical base of the university and providing financial support;
- development of scientific research, etc.

Competence of the Academic Council of the University:
- makes additions and amendments to the Charter of the University;
- defines the strategy and concept of development of the university;
- makes proposals on the creation, reorganization and liquidation of structural units of the university (laboratory, department, institute, faculty, etc.);
- makes decisions on all major issues of the organization of educational, research, international, financial, administrative and economic activities of the university;
- listens to the annual reports of the rector, vice-rectors, directors of institutes, heads of departments on the educational, methodological, research, educational, international, financial and administrative activities of the university;
- organizes control over the financial and economic activities of the university;
- determines the procedure for the use of extra-budgetary funds, as well as areas for reinvestment of income from the provision of paid educational services and sales of products;
- identifies new areas, terms and forms of training in the multilevel system of higher education,
- approves curricula of all quality and forms of education;
- approves the chairmen of the final certification on the subjects of "History of Kazakhstan" and final certification;
- considers and recommends the publication of textbooks, manuals and teaching aids;
- approves tuition fees for the new academic year (bachelor's, master's, doctoral and preparatory departments).
- decides on the transfer of students from a paid department to an educational grant;
- considers issues of social assistance to university staff and students;
- decides on the appointment of scholarships and nominal scholarships approved by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- recommends the appointment of associate professors (associate professors) and professors;
- considers issues of nomination of university staff and creative faculty for state, government awards, honorary titles;
- decides to award the titles of "Honorary Professor of Korkyt Ata KSU", "Honorary Doctor of Korkyt Ata KSU" to prominent scientists, socio-political and government figures, university teachers of domestic and CIS countries;
- considers other issues of the university required a collective decision.
Regulations on the Academic Council
- Body of the Academic Council of  the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University
- Work plan of the Academic Council for 2021-2022
- Resolutions of the Academic Council
- Rules for conferral of academic titles
- Candidates for academic degrees

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