Advisor to the Rector for youth affairs +7242 26-27-14, Қабылдау комиссиясы +7242 23-53-92

Advisor to the Rector for youth affairs

Main tasks:
- Conducts purposeful and systematic work:
- To study and explain the rights and obligations of university students;
- Formation and development of the moral image of the future specialist;
- Ideological training of students;
- Education of political maturity, political culture, the ability to actually participate in solving the tasks set by the President and the Government of the transformation of the Republic.
- Provides work with young people, interacting with the teaching staff, the Youth Affairs Committee, and the assets of study groups.
- Together with the adviser-curators and the Department of Youth Policy and educational work, activates the work on the planning and content of educational work with students.
- Observes labor discipline and maintains a moral and psychological climate in the team.
- Does not disclose information entrusted to him in accordance with the employment contract that constitutes official, commercial and other secrets protected by law.
- Informs about the situation that has arisen that poses a threat to the life and health of people, the safety of the employer's property.
- Arbitrarily (no later than a day) notifies the administration of the impossibility due to illness and other valid reasons to perform the work stipulated by the employment contract.

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