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Council of veterans

In 1998, the Kyzylorda Humanitarian University and the Polytechnic Institute became the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University. Prior to that, the primary organization of veterans was with a trade union organization. Since this year, the primary veteran organization of the university has been headed by Professor Abylai Khangereevich Aydosov. He introduced an electronic collection of biographical documents of university veterans into the computer.

After the death of Professor A. H. Aidosov, the initial veteran organization of the university is headed by Professor Kazbai Kudaibergenov -since 2009.

As part of the veteran organization of the University: 

- Kazbai Kudaibergenov 
- Abdrakhmanov Nurtaza 
- Saparkhodzhaev Pazharbek 
- Seksenbayev Zinaida 
- Through the Council of Veterans, which consists of Sadvakasov Zhenis, events will be held.

The ensemble "Syr Sulu" works, which includes veterans, the public association of veteran scientists “Parasat".

At the suggestion of the Council of Veterans, streets were named in honor of Professor Orlkhan Kamardinov, who for many years headed the pedagogical institute in Kyzylorda, the author of many buildings of the city-architect Malik Sapargaliyev.  Professors Seisenov Bakhytbek, Mustafa Matayev became honorary citizens of Karmakshinsky and Kazalinsky districts. Specially for veterans, classrooms and laboratories with the names of professors are open: S. Yelubaev, O. Kamardinov, B. Kashkynbaev, K. Zhanabergenov, A. Orazaliev, S. Bekbaev, S. Zhunusov, K. Baltaev, T. Kuanyshbaev. 

The veteran organization operates with a work plan based on one academic year. On special holidays, veterans will be given gifts, vouchers to medical institutions and moral assistance.

Veterans of the university often go to the regional press and TV channels, take an active part in scientific and practical conferences.

Sports competitions among veterans are held annually: basketball, chess, checkers, billiards.

On the 2nd floor of the main academic building, veterans have a two-room place for holding special meetings and events.

It presents works-“veteran's breath”, "documents of veteran examinations". A large stand “Ardagerler ardagym" is on display on the 2nd floor of the 2nd academic building. For the 80th anniversary of the university, the collection “Kalgandar izin mangilik” was published, dedicated to the veterans who passed away.

Now the regional Council of veterans actively participates in cultural and social events. Currently, the veteran organization covers 201 veterans. 97 of them work.

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