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Department of academic affairs


Doszhanov Bayanali Amantayevich
Director of the Department of Academic Affairs

The Department of Academic Affairs, is a basic structural subdivision of the University. The Department provides planning, organization, control and improvement of the educational process at the university.

Main tasks:
- Organization and improvement of the educational process in accordance with the normatively-legal acts in the field of education in order to prepare highly skilled, competitive staff that meet international standards, the formation of academic mobility.
- Coordination of educational and methodical activity of faculty advisors of university.
- Monitoring educational, methodical, scientific and methodological support of educational programs.
- In order to implement quality management training activities ensuring the new information technologies, modern educational materials. Improvement of scientific and methodological potential faculty advisors, providing professional mastery and qualification. 
- Organization of planning and monitoring of the educational process of the university.

The Department of Academic Affairs is guided by the following regulations:
- Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- By the law of Republic of Kazakhstan "On education";
- By the decisions of Government of RK, regulating the sphere of education;
- regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science;
- State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- Model Rules of the organization of the university;
- GOST R ISO standards 9000
- Charter of the University;
- orders and directives of the university;
- Document Quality Management System of the University;
- Internal regulations of the University.
- Regulations on Educational Department.

The Department of Academic Affairs includes the following departments:
- Department of academic affairs
- Department of educational process planning and academic mobility;
- Department of the organization of the educational process;
- Department of Postgraduate Education;
- Department of advanced training and retraining;
- Department of Competence Development and Employment
- Student department;
- Chairs of social and humanitarian disciplines.

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