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  • 17 June 2022
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The results of cohort studies are summarized

The seminar, conducted by Professor Seth Agbo, PhD, from Lakehead University in Canada, has come to an end. The seminar was attended by teachers, doctoral students and undergraduates of the Department "foreign languages and translation" of the educational institution.
The foreign professor conducted 72-hour seminars for university professors, 112-hour seminars for doctoral students and 33-hour seminars for undergraduates. This, in turn, contributed to the improvement of the pedagogical activity of the participants. 
Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Dana Abrasheva took part in the final meeting and delivered a welcoming speech. Dana Meiramovna focused on topical issues of doctoral studies and expressed her gratitude to Mr. Seth Agbo, a foreign professor. Participants who have completed their professional development were awarded certificates.

During the Seminar, Professor Agbo taught peer-reviewed journals with a high impact factor how to properly design and publish articles. Teachers and doctoral students who conducted the research, on the advice of the professor, mastered the proper writing and correct design of the article. The participants were deeply acquainted with the issues of ethical principles.
In addition, the letter of explanation and the agreement for the interview made the document and carried out the interview in practice. During the seminar, the professor explained how peer-reviewed works with the site to search for foreign publications. The analysis of journals in accordance with the required field was carried out collaboratively, and a high-quality analysis of the value was carried out.

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