Outstanding representative of children's literature
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  • 01 February 2024
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Outstanding representative of children's literature

In the land of Syr, there are only a few writers who write on children's topics. One of them is a qualified teacher, a member of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences - Rakhat Nauryzbayeva.

The teacher, who has worked in the field of raising children for 56 years, turned 80 this year. On the eve of the holiday, a meeting of the Institute of pedagogy and Traditional Arts was held. The event was attended by a member of the board – vice-rector for scientific work and international relations Mainur Buribayeva, who presented congratulations to the Jubilee from the Rector of the university.



The meeting was attended by the director of the Regional Library named after A. Tazhibayev N. Mynzhasov, the head of the regional branch of the Center for advanced training "Orleu" B. Eleusinov, teachers and students.

Bakhytzhamal Bekzhanova, head of the educational program "Pedagogy, psychology and methods of primary education", made a report on the life path of Rakhat Nauryzbayevna and her work in educating the future of the nation.



- A teacher born in 1944 at Kazaly station, graduated from the women's Pedagogical School named after M. Mametova, Abai State Pedagogical Institute with a degree in "Teacher of Kazakh language and literature". She began her career as a teacher in local schools and worked for many years as a teacher in fundamental educational institutions. Children's poetry, collections of poems such as "Bastau","Akkozy","Sergek Serik" were published. There is every reason to believe that she made an invaluable contribution to the education of the younger generation through the books "Stage lessons at school","Creative ways of folk education in Primary School"," Wonderful World". Sweet poems and wise fairy tales on children's topics were included in the content of school textbooks. At the time of independence, we raised the status of our native language, and the Kyzylorda regional radio station "Let's learn Kazakh!" in the post-Soviet period, the national values of our people were developed. "Reflections on upbringing" was recognized from the journalistic side by its broadcasts. The work of the teacher is a great example for future generations, " Bakytzhamal Bekzhanova said in her speech.

In addition, the guests who specially came to the council presented the qualified teacher with congratulatory letters and presented flowers. Future professionals read excerpts from the work of the Jubilee and sang songs.

It should be noted that the author has 4 monographs, 5 collections of poems, 10 teaching aids and 40 articles published in the journal approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of Kazakhstan and Russia. Born in a simple family during the war years, the teacher-writer achieved many successes in his teaching activities. She is awarded the badge "I. Altynsarin" of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Medal "Leader of Education" of the International Foundation for peace and harmony of Russia for the purpose of education, the Medal" Al-Farabi "of the International Center for support of Science and education "World of peace", the Medal "150 years of the name of the city of Kazaly","Madeniyet maitalmany", the medal named after Gani Muratbayev. Rakhat Nauryzbayeva today is a mother of the land of Syr, a favorite poet, an instructive scientist. The shanyrak, which she created with his life partner, was sunny and raised a great son and daughter.


Dilyara Kaldybek, journalism student

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