The week of biology on the topic "BIOTRAVEL" has started +7242 26-27-14, Қабылдау комиссиясы +7242 23-53-92
  • 21 February 2023
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The week of biology on the topic "BIOTRAVEL" has started

The Department of Biology, Geography and Chemistry of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University hosts a biology week on the topic "BIOTRAVEL".

The purpose of the week is to increase the interest of students in biological sciences, improve their professional qualifications.

            Plan of the week:

            20.02.2023-contest "Edible cage"

21.02.2023-debate "Evolution Cup".

            22.02.2023-quest game "Search for endemic animals in Kazakhstan".

            02/23/2023-sports relay "Muscle Strength".

            02/24/2023-the event "Gardening Workshop". 

It is worth noting that the biology week is conducted by undergraduates of the first year of the educational program 7M01517- "Biology" under the guidance of senior lecturer, Candidate of Biological Sciences Almagul Berdenkulova.

The week is attended by students of 1-2 courses of educational programs 6B01517 - "Biology" and 6B01516 - "Chemistry-Biology".

We invite university students to be active at the upcoming events of the week.

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