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  • 03 March 2023
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Top 5 scientific discoveries of Kyzylorda women scientists

Scientists of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University contribute to the development of the country's economy as a result of scientific research.

On the eve of the holiday, we present to your attention the TOP 5 scientific discoveries of Kyzylorda women scientists.


1. New varieties of cereals have been bred

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of the Department of "Agricultural Technologies" of the Korkyt ata Tokhetova Kyzylorda University Laura Anuarovna – produces new varieties of grain crops.

Laura Anuarovna, as a result of many years of scientific research, together with other scientists, brought out varieties of spring barley "Syr Aruy", "Kymbat", "Simbat", "Kuralai", "Elik", "Inkar", "Shakhristan", "Kaysar", "Altyn Arai", the wheat variety "Zarina" is derived by classical selection methods.

Under her leadership, for the first time in the Kyzylorda region, a full-scale selection process for grain crops (barley, wheat, oats) was organized, and a scientific and practical basis for the diversification of the crop industry was developed.

Under the guidance of the scientist, a genetic collection of barley, wheat and oats was formed, consisting of 750 varieties resistant to stress factors, and is widely used as a source of genes in practical breeding.


2. Developed a new way of making sour cream

Associate professor of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University, Candidate of Technical Sciences Smailova Zhuldyz Zholdasovna-studies methods of increasing the biological, nutritional value of dairy products, expanding the range of raw materials, saving dairy raw materials.

The scientist's model "Method of obtaining sour cream using probiotic yeast" was registered at the National Institute of Intellectual Property of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and received a patent.

The teacher is engaged in work aimed at the development of environmentally friendly food products and the development of technology of therapeutic and prophylactic products for the prevention of various diseases, strengthening the protective functions of the body.


3. Created a new model of clothing in the national style.

Associate Professor of the Department of Design and Technology of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University, Candidate of Technical Sciences Shildebayeva Lyazzat Kadyrbekovna – develops a methodology for designing modern clothing based on traditional Kazakh costume.

Lyazzat Kadyrbekovna received the author's certificate No. 25306 " Modern clothing based on the Kazakh traditional costume " Train aid".

In 2022, under the leadership of Lyazzat Shildebayeva, the project "Organization of production of branded products using recycled wool" was registered at the State National Center for Scientific and Technical Expertise (NCSTC) based on the results of scientific and technical activities.

The scientist is the author of 16 patents and 17 copyright certificates.


4. Proposed a method for obtaining cellulose from rice straw


Researcher of the laboratory of engineering profile "Physico-chemical methods of analysis" of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University, Master of Pedagogical Sciences Niyazova Dinara Zhumabekovna together with scientists proposed a method for obtaining cellulose from rice straw.

Cellulose from rice straw can be used in the production of paper products.

Cellulose from rice straw can be used in the production of paper products. The desilification and delignification process proved to be optimal during high-frequency irradiation at a power of 180W for 15 minutes in the presence of ammonium molybdate (5% by weight of non-silica cellulose) without the addition of sodium hypochlorite, the content of alpha-cellulose in the product obtained in this way is 74.45%. This product corresponds to the brand number 2A (cellulose for the production of white office paper).


5. Found a way to manufacture building materials from ash dumps


Zhakupova Gulnur Mukhamedzhanovna, senior lecturer of the Department of Architecture and Construction Production at the Korkyt ata Kyzylorda University, conducts research on "Technology for the production of facing slabs from fine-grained concrete based on local raw materials."

The basis for the development and implementation of the technology is the resource-saving use of multi-tonnage waste heat power. Thus, the use of heat and power center ash with the improvement of construction technical properties makes it possible to produce a new efficient type of building material, instantly reducing capital and operating costs. In addition, it significantly reduces the cost of the product.

In order to solve these problems, 3 patents for inventions were obtained during research on the topic "Technology of production of slabs of fine-grained concrete based on local raw materials".:

1. Composition for paving slabs № 4847;

2. Concrete composition № 5435;

3. Composition of concrete mix № 5304.

All patents for inventions have been developed in a new composition.

With the use of ash dumps in the production of building materials, firstly, the ecological condition of the region will improve, and secondly, the problem of recycling of multi-tonnage waste will be solved.

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