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  • 29 April 2022
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Museum of water management of honored hydraulic engineer of the republic of Kazakhstan Madelkhan Nalibayev

Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University hosted the opening ceremony of the Museum of Water Management named after honored hydraulic engineer of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madelkhan Nalibayev. The session was attended by Deputy governor Markhabat Zhaiymbetov, hero of Labor of Kazakhstan Abzal Yeraliyev, public figures, representatives of the intelligentsia, faculty and students of the University. 

The museum tells about the history of the development of irrigation systems of ancient settlements in the Syrland from the time of their origin to the present day. The life of the indigenous Syrland heritage of the region, the work of subsequent hydraulic engineers, their research and maps, the construction of stone dams and hydroelectric power stations, and the growing prosperity of the water industry are described.

"Madelkhan Nalibayev is one of the noble citizens who knows the peculiarities of water and land, the language of nature, weather conditions, and puts responsibility to the country above all else. Looking at the activity of a hydraulic engineer, the activity done, it is not difficult to see his respect and care for the country. The children of Syrland risked their lives to bring good to the whole country, performed with compassion. Leaving a trail at the end, he headed for the next one.

Almost twenty years ago, Madelkhan Nalibayev organized the opening of the Historical Museum, combining the work of the Syrdarya farmers, best practices in water management. This year, the opening of the museum in the Academic Building №5 of the university will allow not only students, but also residents and guests of the city to get acquainted with historical exhibits,-said Acting Vice-Rector for scientific work and international relations Abaybek Zhunisov." 

Abzal Yeraliyev, the hero of Labor of Kazakhstan, sponsored the modern equipment of the museum, which combines the best practices of farmers and Syrland heritage, effective use of water and irrigated land with historical data and serves as a reference point for future great deeds.



The first graduates of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University, majoring in hydro-reclamation and agricultural construction, graduated in 1981. Since then, about 2000 specialists have been trained and now work in agricultural and water management institutions, regional land relations department, city land and cadastral branches, enterprises of the state research and production center, various sectors of the country's economy.

Currently, the Department of Water Economy and Land Management  employs 3 professors, 6 candidates of science, 4 PhD Doctors, 5 Masters. 23 students prepared by teachers are prize-winners of international and national conferences. And about 125 students became winners of subject Olympiads.


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