20 Educational grants were awarded to the winners of the subject Olympiads
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  • 19 May 2023
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20 Educational grants were awarded to the winners of the subject Olympiads

The Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University hosted an award ceremony for the winners of the subject Olympiad, whose graduates were awarded 20 educational grants.

The subject Olympiad was organized by the university and held among 11th grade students in 16 subjects.

At the award ceremony, the Chairman of the Board-Rector Beibitkul Karimova noted that the best were determined at the Olympiad.

1381 students of schools of the region took part in the knowledge contest. As a result of the Olympiad, 20 students received internal educational grants for 16 educational programs of the university.        

An educational grant on the history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh literature, and the Kazakh language was awarded on behalf of the statesman and public figure Temirbek Zhurgenov.

In the discipline "Fundamentals of Law", the winner was awarded an educational grant named after Professor, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, "Honorary Citizen" of the Kazaly district and the city of Kyzylorda Mustafa Matayev.

The educational grant in physics was awarded at the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University on behalf of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Bakytzhan Sailybayev.



In the specialty "Journalism", the winner was awarded an educational grant named after Sagitzhan Bermaganbetov, a journalist, a graduate of the university.

Academy of Sciences awarded grants in computer science, biology, geography, chemistry, foreign language, russian literature, russian language, basic military training, pop, vocals and musical instruments, traditional song, choreography, artistic work.

It is worth noting that 10,168 students are currently studying at the university. Of these, 2,840 receive education on the basis of a state grant, 106-on the basis of grants from local executive bodies (a government grant for large families), 270 -on the basis of a grant from the akim of the Kyzylorda region. In addition, students of 546 different social statuses are given discounts of 25, 50, 100% to the winners of international, republican, regional competitions and competitions.

The solemn event was attended by the chairman of the public fund T. Zhurgenova, veteran of labor, honorary citizen of the Karmakshi district Sapen Ansatov, representative of the public fund Amit Zhumagulov, head of the "Center for the Development of the Kyzylorda region" at the socio-entrepreneurial corporation "Baikonur", Doctor of Economics, son of M. Matayev Talgat Matayev, wife of the senior lecturer of the department "Physics and mathematics", veteran M. Mataуev Torgyn Aimuratov, employee of the National Security Committee, son of B. Sailybayeva Adil Sailybayev, Candidate of Economic Sciences, daughter of B. Sailybayev Altynai Sailybayeva, chairman of the Mustafa Shokai Foundation Batyrbek Zholdykulov, mother of the famous journalist Sagitzhan Bermaganbetov Meruert Bakbergenova.


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