Republican scientific Conference dedicated to the memory of Abdizhamil Nurpeisov +7242 26-27-14, Қабылдау комиссиясы +7242 23-53-92
  • 01 June 2022
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Republican scientific Conference dedicated to the memory of Abdizhamil Nurpeisov

The republican scientific conference "A.A." was held in Kyzylorda. Nurpeisov is a modern writer", dedicated to the memory of the People's Writer of Kazakhstan, Hero of Labor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abdizhamil Nurpeisov.

The event was attended by Akim of the Kyzylorda region Nurlybek Nalibayev, state and public figure, Doctor of Political Sciences Krymbek Kusherbayev, state and public figure, Doctor of Economics Berdibek Saparbayev, representatives of the intelligentsia. 
At the event, the issues raised in the work and creativity of the writer were discussed. The author of the book, Abdizhamil Nurpeisov, is a man who has become the golden core of literature. Through the trilogy "blood and sweat", the dilogy "last duty", which attracted the attention of the whole world, it reflected the realities of the time, the life of the inhabitants of the Aral Sea.

The report was made by Doctor of Philology, Professor, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Director of the Scientific Center "Korkyttanu" of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University Bagdat Karibozovich, who elaborated

– "The Last Duty" is a complex work, the main theme of which is the Motherland, the Fate of a person, national values. The novel – dilogy, consisting of two books: "There was the same day", "There was the same night", includes the story of one day and one night. The novel has a lot of adventurous inner monologues and author's narratives. Each of them can be separated from the structure of the Novel, read and accepted in the form of micronovellas or short stories. The main thing among such monologues is the monologue of the relic. Despite the fact that he was a simple head of a fish collective farm, he had excellent thoughts, high intelligence, and a sense of a highly educated citizen. The monologue of the relic is connected with the author's thinking, intelligence. The author put some of his thoughts into the mouth of the relic. Therefore, it is felt that the fate of the relic in the novel is intertwined with the fate of the island," Bagdat Karibozuly said.

In addition, the conference was attended by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature and Journalism of the Kyzylorda Univ














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