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  • 15 November 2023
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Congratulations from university alumni


Dear staff of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University!

I congratulate you on the day of the national currency – Tenge and on the professional holiday of employees of the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

30 years since the introduction of the national currency into circulation as an integral testimony of a sovereign country. This is a very important event in the life of society, which shows that the Republic of Kazakhstan has embarked on a unique path of development.

The emergence of the national currency gave a new impetus to the development of market relations, the formation of an effective banking system. In a short period of time, the financial sector of the country is being reorganized and plays a major role in the implementation of the tasks set by the head of state in the annual addresses to the people of Kazakhstan.

Dear staff of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University!

Thanks to your knowledge given to graduates, proud citizens of our nation make a significant contribution to the development and strengthening of the financial potential of the economy in our sovereign country.

On the eve of this holiday, I congratulate you and wish you financial stability, professional success, peace and prosperity to every family, new successes for the benefit and bright future of the motherland.


Best regards,
Shegenova Aizhan Aripzhanovna
Alumna of the University, FREEDOM BANK JSC
Deputy Director of the Astana branch





Dear colleagues, teachers and students of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University!


I heartily congratulate you on the National Currency Day – Tenge and the Day of Finance Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

The national currency tenge is one of the symbols of our Independence! On November 15, 1993, the national currency, the tenge, was put into circulation. This historic event formed the independent economic space of our country, and became a kind of the main reason for the formation of the financial market.

The financial system has always played a huge role in the development of our state. The establishment of a professional holiday of financiers is, first of all, recognition of the outstanding role of finance in solving socio–economic problems of the development of the country and regions. The formation of a modern innovation-oriented economy capable of meeting the growing needs of the Kazakh population also depends on the state of the financial sector.

I wish the management and the entire teaching staff great success in training modern in–demand specialists, and I wish the students new achievements in their studies. I am sure that the deep knowledge acquired at Korkyt Ata University will help graduates to conquer the highest professional, life and career peaks!

Zhukabayeva Indira Serikbaevna
Alumna of the university, corporate manager of JSC "Bank Center credit" Kyzylorda city



Dear staff of Korkyt Ata university, friends and colleagues!

Today, on November 15, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the national currency of our country - Tenge.

It was on this day that the national currency was introduced into circulation, and since then this day has been officially considered the "Day of the national currency", as well as the "Professional holiday of employees of the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan". 30 years ago, tenge was the economic basis of an independent country, let our independence and tenge be stable and long-lived!

I sincerely congratulate you on the day of the national currency and your professional holiday – the day of employees of the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

I wish you on the day of such a significant holiday – well-being to your families, well-being, financial stability, professional success, prosperity, success in your work, success in your endeavors, and further work will be aimed at developing and strengthening the country's economy and increasing its financial potential!

Seitzhanov Dauren Muzarapovich,
2005 alumnus of the University, Entrepreneurs of Kyzylorda region
Deputy director for Economic Affairs of the chamber.



Dear teachers, students and graduates of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University!

On November 15, 1993, the original currency of The Independent Republic of Kazakhstan entered into circulation.  Since then, the birthday of tenge has been celebrated as a professional holiday for employees of the financial sector. The introduction of tenge into circulation began the formation of the national market infrastructure of our country. The introduction of our own tenge has become a necessary historical step for the implementation of radical socio-economic reforms to strengthen independent Kazakhstan.

I sincerely congratulate you on the 30th anniversary of the national currency – tenge!

I wish you good health and happiness. Let us make new achievements for the benefit of the country! Let each of the things you start flourish and bring results. I wish you good luck in everything you do for our country!


Aidos Zhetpisbay,
Alumnus of the University, director of the Kyzylorda branch of Freedom Bank JSC

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