Dissertation council
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Dissertation council

Dissertation council


On the basis of the order of the chairman of the committee for quality assurance in the field of Education and science of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 11, 2022 No. 315, three dissertation councils of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University were approved.


Composition of Dissertation Councils of Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University





8D011-"Pedagogy and psychology"

Maigeldieva Sharban Musabekovna-

Professor of the department "Pedagogical-psychological education and training methodology", doctor of pedagogic sciences, associate professor

Zhannat Saparkyzy,

Associate professor of the "Pedagogical-psychological education and training methodology" department, PhD

31.08.2022 No. 256 order

8D017-"Preparing teachers in languages and literature" (8D01721 - "Kazakh language and literature" educational program)

Tuyakbaev Gabit Aneshovich - Professor of the department "Kazakh language and literature and journalism", candidate of philological sciences

Oralova Gulzira-

Associate professor of "Kazakh language and literature and journalism" department, candidate of philological sciences

8D073-Architecture and construction (8D07365-"Construction" BBB; 8D07366-"Manufacturing of construction materials, products and structures" educational program)

Bisenov Kylyshbai Aldabergenovich - Professor of the "Architecture and construction industry" department, doctor of technical sciences, professor

Narmanova Roza Abdibekovna -

Leading researcher of the engineering laboratory "Methods of physical and chemical analysis", candidate of technical sciences, associate professor



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