The second stream of acceptance of documents under the Bolashak program has started +7242 26-27-14, Қабылдау комиссиясы +7242 23-53-92
  • 04 April 2023
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The second stream of acceptance of documents under the Bolashak program has started

Today, Kazakhstan has started the second stream of applications for participation in the competition within the framework of the Bolashak scholarship program. Applicants' documents are accepted online through the eGov electronic government until April 28, 2023

In 2023, 555 scholarships were allocated for studying under the Bolashak program. Of these, 395 scholarships are distributed according to master's and residency programs, 50 scholarships for doctoral studies, 110 scholarships for internships.

The list of priority specialties includes 262 specialties. Candidates can be trained abroad in such relevant specialties in the labor market as robotics, development of service platforms, green technologies, public health, inclusive education, etc.

"Quotas for engineering, technical and medical personnel have been approved this year. Now they can undergo language training for up to 12 months before starting their studies. They do not need to have an invitation from the university on their hands. This measure will expand opportunities for candidates in these areas.

Also this year, the requirements for applicants have been strengthened. Now the presence of a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language is a prerequisite for participation in the competitive selection. The exception is those entering doctoral studies," Olzhas Sakenov, Chairman of the Board of JSC Center for International Programs, shared.

Another change this year is the introduction of co-financing of training within the framework of the program. Applicants who have won a grant from a foreign university can receive additional funding within the framework of Bolashak. At the same time, the working hours for them will be reduced by 1 year.

The first stream of this year, by the decision of the Republican Commission for Training Personnel Abroad, the Bolashak scholarship was awarded to 25 Kazakhstan people.

It should be noted that two more streams of applications for the Bolashak scholarship will be held before the end of the year: from June 5 to July 7, as well as from July 17 to September 15.

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